About the PTC Sites

PTC (Paid To Click) or bux sites are the sites that pay for viewing the ads (usually for 5 to 15 seconds).

PTC sites are perhaps the easiest and the most widespread way of online earnings without investments that doesn’t require any special skills. All you need is to sign up, regularly view the ads, and receive your earned profits. These sites are the middlemen between the advertiser and the user. That is, the advertiser pays for displaying the ads, the bux site withholds certain percentage, and the rest goes to the ad viewer.

The advertiser may be either an online resource owner who needs to engage the interested audience, or a referral manager who wants to find new users for other PTC projects.

Referral program – virtually all bux sites offer a percentage for the ads viewed by the referrals.

Example: The site has 10 ads, each paying $0.01, and the referral program’s rate is 50%. Thus, if a referral views all the ads available for today, the referral manager who invited them gets a 5-cent bonus. $0.05 * 30 days = $1.5 per month for a single referral! And what if there are 100 or 1000 referrals?!

The number of ads on PTC site usually varies between 20 and 100. There can be less than 20, of course, but I believe in this case it’s not worth your time. The click price usually varies between $0.005 and $0.01 depending on your upgrade level.

Upgrade is your project membership level. The higher it is, the higher the price of your clicks. If you want to upgrade your account, you need to pay. The price varies depending on the bux site and may be as little as $1 or as much as $2000. Accordingly, the more expensive is your upgrade, the more profitable are your rates.

An average user earns about 5-10 cents per day, or $1.5-$3 per month. But this requires only 15 minutes a day, and you may sign up to 10 PTC projects and view their ads simultaneously!

Earning methods for PTC sites

The basis for the successful work on bux sites are referrals, who can be both real people (friends, relatives, colleagues) who registered following your referral link and bots rented from bux site.

At the moment there are only two earning strategies for PTC sites:

  • Slow strategy

This one is ideal for testing bux site’s paying capacity. You develop your account gradually and without investments. Each day you view ads and perform mini tasks. The payment for performing the tasks may be up to few dollars.


Mini tasks

This allows you to earn minimum amount for renting bots. Once done, you transfer the money from your main balance to the purchase balance and make purchases.

add funds + rent referrals

Transferring funds to the internal balance

This procedure should be repeated until you reach maximum allowed rented referrals quantity for your current membership level. More details can be found on the account upgrade page.

extend membership
  • Quick strategy

This option is for those who wish to invest. Once invested, the following actions are required:

  1. First, you buy the maximum quantity of rented referrals, because they are always cheaper for the lower upgrade levels;
  2. And only after that you buy the next upgrade level
Additional Info
  • Prior to starting your work with a PTC project, don’t forget to read the forums and pay attention to the date of the latest user activity and if there are any posts about the payout delays. If there are no forums or they are closed, just leave offhand.
  • You should track the activity of your rented referrals, and if they bring no earnings for 2 or 3 days, then recycle but not delete them!
  • If you have got referrals (either rented or invited), then you must view 3 to 5 ads daily, otherwise your day’s earning will not be awarded.
  • When considering the extending of bots’ rent, remember that the longer the rent term, the larger the discount.
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