What Are the Real Cash Economy Games?

The point of this kind of games (also known as farming games) is quite simple: you have to develop your virtual production and to expand your sphere of influence. Thus, you grow your business, and it brings you virtual income, which, in turn, consists of in-game currency for purchase and real money to be withdrawn to the players’ digital wallets.

In-game purchase currency is necessary for the development of business. In 99 cases out of 100, upon signing up you receive the bonus from administrators, which you use to start building your future empire. If the starting bonus is not big enough, you can always refill your in-game account with your own money.

If you are interested in raising profits through economy games, you must be aware that most of them are created by scammers whose primary goal is to gather as much investments as possible during the first weeks and then disappear. This kind of projects is known as SCAM.

How to not fall for the SCAM?

Prior to signing up to the website that got you interested:

  • Pay attention to the project’s latest payouts. Were the players paid out in the latest hours? How much did they get? There were cases when scam sites set restrictions on payouts: for example, maximum of 10 cents per player daily.
  • It would also be helpful to check the game’s finance reserve. Is the site in a position to keep paying out during the long period, or does it look like it will only last for a couple of weeks or a month?
  • And, of course, check if the game is paying out through our site’s list of paying economy games or scam list.

Finance reserve is funded:

  • First of all, with the refills of the users who want to develop as fast as possible and thus to make much of their investments;
  • By the site’s administrators, owing to, among other things, banner ads so disliked by the users, as well as payout restrictions.

What can be the payout restrictions?

The most widespread one at the moment is a plug, which is pretty straightforward: before being paid out, one must refill the in-game balance;

Payout points are gained when refilling the in-game balance and can equal the 30% of the amount on an average. That is, if you have deposited $10, you will be able to withdraw $3 only, and the rest should be earned by buying points through your in-game balance, or by engaging referrals;

The increase of exchange rate - the more often you withdraw money, the higher the conversion rate.

For example, let’s say you can order a payout of $10. When first withdrawing $5, you receive the entire amount to your wallet, but then the exchange rate is increased and next time you get only $4.90 instead of $5.

The payout limit of the account that hasn’t refilled the in-game balance, which can be set around $1 or so.


The primary upsides of this kind of online earnings:

  • In most cases, you don’t need to waste hours; you may just login for a couple of minutes per day, and make few clicks to sell your produced goods and buy new facilities.
  • You may get passive income by inviting your friends and receiving part of their earnings.

The main drawback is that, in order to generate tangible income, you have to wait for weeks or months, or, alternatively, make a substantial investment to raise your passive income

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